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Christian Author & Bible-teacher

Official Bio

There is one common thread that has always permeated throughout the life of Jeaninne Stokes - her love for God and her love for God's Word. 

That thread came to full color when she heard the call of ministry on her life in 2002 and answered it by stepping out of a career in higher education to prepare for a career as a professional Christian writer and Bible-teacher.

In 2009, she founded Inspiration for living Ministries, a subcomponent of JStokes Writing Ministries where she fleshes out her calling as a Christian writer and bible-teacher by writing and publishing devotional books for Christian living. Since the inception of her writing ministry, she has authored five books: Living by Faith: A collection of inspirational poems to encourage your spirit and nourish your soul, Baileyisms: Inspirational Quips and Quotes for living the Christian life, Living by Faith: An adult coloring book of Inspirational poetry, Power for Living - 31 devotions for the journey of life and faith (out of print), and Lessons from the Writing Wilderness: How I answered, prepared for and survived the journey to become a Christian author --and how you can too!  Jeaninne's writings have also been published in the followingmagazines:Cross and Quill, The Christian Communicator, and Christian Woman Today Online. 

In partnership with her writing and Bible-teaching ministry, Jeaninne is also the founder of Writing for Him Educational Services, another subcomponent of JStokes Writing Ministries, where she provides educational services for aspiring Christian writers to help them write for the kingdom and become Christian authors. Her educational services including book coaching and consulting, educational workshops and seminars, and keynote messages for writing conferences.

Jeaninne's formal education includes a B.B.A in Business Administration from the University of North Texas and a M.Ed. in General Education from Texas Christian University. Her training to become a professional writer has been through the reading of numerous books on the craft and the attending of writing workshops and conferences to hone her craft.

Jeaninne resides in Arlington, TX with her husband and they are the parents of two young adult children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching old movies, listening to old school music and rooting for her favorite professional football team.

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